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Senior Surf Sports

Surf Sports are one of the most important activities of the surf lifesaving movement, giving competitors the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle and gain credit for their sporting efforts.

Opotiki Surf Lifesaving Club members undertake many different disciplines, and have excelled in several events locally and nationally. Our members have the chance to take part in local, regional and national surf sports competitions.


Unlike other sports, the purpose of our competition participation is to improve lifesaving skills to keep our beaches safe, but also to have fun and develop friends through the pursuit of the sport. Participation can be social or competitive, depending on each member’s aspirations.

Training sessions across a range of disciplines are held by the club each week throughout the summer season.

These are many disciplines that Opotiki SLSC currently engage in:

  • Beach events - sprints, relays, flags and 1km or 2km beach runs.

  • Board

  • Ski

  • Surf canoes

  • IRB competition

  • And more!

All Senior and Masters competitors must have the minimum qualifications of either the Surf Bronze Medallion or the Surf Lifeguard Award in order to compete.




The Masters division at Opotiki SLSC is available to anyone who is over 30, has their Surf Bronze or Surf Lifeguard Award and has a reasonable level of fitness. We welcome all newcomers who meet these criteria.

Many former surf lifesaving competitors return to competition when their own children become involved. There is a range of water and beach events available to Masters competitors.

On the beach, events include flags, sprints, 1 and 2 km runs and beach relays. In the water there are surf, board and ski competitions plus various relay events in all water disciplines. Masters surf canoe races are also popular, particularly with Opotiki SLSC members.

The atmosphere at carnivals where Masters events are held is always relaxed and enjoyable; they are great starting points for new Masters. For the very competitive Masters there are the Eastern Region Championships in February and the NZ Championships in March.

Masters compete in 5 year age groups starting with the 30-34 age group, going up to 70+.

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